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ZAMPRO® Fungicide

Product Information
Registered uses Grapes, bulb vegetables, leafy vegetables including head lettuce and brassica leafy vegetables, cucurbits, beetroots and poppies
Pack size 5 L
Formulation SC
Active ingredient 300 g/L AMETOCTRADIN, 225 g/L DIMETHOMORPH

ZAMPRO® combines two modes of action, one new, to provide control of downy mildew in crops.

Zampro has systemic and non-systemic properties, and should be applied as a protectant fungicide.


  • Systemic and translaminar activity
  • Excellent for fungicide resistance management
  • Rainfast 1 hour
  • Excellent toxicological and environmental profile
  • Excellent crop safety


®Registered Trademark of BASF

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