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MICROSTAR PMX Granular Fertiliser

Product Information
Registered uses Various crops (see label)
Pack size 10 kg
Formulation Granular fertiliser

MICROSTAR PMX is applied at sowing, in contact with crop seeds. It contributes to faster crop emergence in a wide range of crops.

Microstar PMX is a microgranule formulation with high P (>17%) combined with nitrogen, sulphur, magnesium plus micronutrients. P in Microstar PMX is 97.5% water soluble. It is applied at sowing, localised in the furrow, in contact with the seed to cover the immediate needs of the seedlings: it secures the crop potential.


  • High number of contact points close to the seed
  • High use coefficient – 100% assimilable phosphorus
  • More even crop emergence
  • Increases vegetative development
  • Reduces application time, labour, energy costs (fuel savings and equipment wear)
  • Safe to the crop


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MICROSTAR PMX Granular Fertiliser

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