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SOLVIT® Crop Protectant

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Registered uses Tomatoes and capsicums
Pack size 10 L
Formulation SL

SOLVIT® optimises the yield of certain vegetable crops by reducing the impact of sun damage. SolVit is a unique product that acts on the physiology of the plant, and must be used in a preventive program commencing prior to the first damaging heat event.

SolVit combines UV absorbing compounds with effective natural antistress antioxidants and a natural biostimulant. In a premium formulation that includes specific adjuvants to enhance uptake and use efficiency, SolVit has a pH of 4.5-5.5 and specific gravity of 1.09-1.1 kg/L.


  • Provides sunburn & heat stress protection
  • Optimises yield and quality
  • Clear formula leaves no residue

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SOLVIT<sup>®</sup> Crop Protectant

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