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BORONIA Mo Soluble Fertiliser

Product Information
Registered uses Prevents and corrects boron and molybdenum deficiencies in a wide range of crops.
Pack size 20 L
Formulation Soluble fertiliser

BORONIA Mo uses superior lignosulphonate technology to deliver nutrients more effectively to the crops.

Boron is essential to the growth of roots, foliage, tuber preservation and the plant’s reproductive development. Molybdenum is essential to two enzymes necessary for the assimilation of nitrogen by plants, so it is directly involved in the process of plant protein synthesis.


  • Highly effective foliar uptake
  • Performance: Boronia Mo is a 100% soluble foliar fertiliser that is ready to use
  • Efficiency: Boron and molybdenum delivered by foliar application is more efficient than application via the soil
  • Flexible and economical, easily tank mixed
  • Multi use, can be used on a wide range of crops

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