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FETRILON® COMBI 2 Soluble Fertiliser

Product Information
Registered uses Various crops (see label)
Pack size 25 kg
Formulation Soluble fertiliser

FETRILON® COMBI 2 is a premium formulation containing a proven blend of the key micronutrients required by many crops.

Micronutrient deficiencies can limit horticultural production in the same way that macronutrient deficiencies can. Fetrilon Combi 2 has a dust-free microgranular formulation, which means easier mixing and rapid and total solubility. The nutrients in Fetrilon Combi are fully chelated with EDTA, which protects against premature fixation and ensures the plant can absorb and utilise the nutrients rapidly.


  • Dust-free formulation for safe, hassle-free mixing
  • Fully chelated for rapid and complete plant uptake
  • Comprehensive blend of key micronutrients to optimise yield potential
  • Flexible application via foliar spray or fertigation saves time and application costs


®Registered Trademark of COMPO Expert GmbH


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FETRILON<sup>®</sup> COMBI 2 Soluble Fertiliser

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