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DELTAMICRO® COMBI 2 Soluble Fertiliser

Product Information
Registered uses Various crops (see label)
Pack size 1 kg, 15 kg
Formulation Soluble fertiliser

DELTAMICRO® COMBI 2 is a new microgranulated foliar fertiliser containing multiple macronutrients plus micronutrients. DeltaMicro combi 2 treats visible trace element deficiencies and prevents latent trace element deficiencies in plants.


  • Innovative microgranule formulation manufactured to be dust free and free-flowing
  • Low boron content – does not require the signal word “Caution” on the label, whilst still providing protection against boron deficiencies
  • K-EDTA chelate to be sodium-free and provide the highest solubility
  • Nine macro- and micronutrients in every granule to provide the best protection for trace element deficiencies under Australian conditions

®Registered Trademark of DeltaChem GmbH


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