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WUXAL® CALCIUM Xtra Uptake Foliar Nutrient

Product Information
Registered uses Various crops (see label)
Pack size 10 L
Formulation Liquid Fertiliser

WUXAL® CALCIUM Xtra Uptake is designed to prevent or correct calcium deficiencies of fruit and vegetable crops.

Wuxal Calcium Xtra Uptake also provides supplementary nutrition of nitrogen, magnesium and the chelated cationic micronutrients required to achieve optimal plant growth, increased yield and improved quality.

The new Xtra Uptake technology offers an advanced penetrant and surfactant, enhancing rapid foliar nutrient absorption which increases efficiency, especially on plants with hard-to-wet foliage and under suboptimal weather conditions.


  • Highly concentrated foliar fertiliser with a significantly higher calcium uptake efficiency than the single calcium salt sprays
  • Has bio-effective additives for weather independent uptake of calcium and all other nutrients
  • Has very high crop safety and none of the disadvantages of the single calcium salt sprays such as phytotoxicity at certain stages of growth, temperature dependency or unsatisfactory compatibility with pesticides
  • Is compatible with most commonly used fungicides and insecticides (except lime sulphur and Bordeaux mixtures)
  • Can be applied with high and low volume spraying equipment


®Registered Trademark of Aglukon

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