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STARKLE® 200 SG Insecticide

Product Information
Registered uses Cotton and mung bean
Pack size 2 kg, 5 kg
Formulation SG
Active ingredient 200 g/kg DINOTEFURAN

STARKLE® 200 SG provides a new level of sucking insect control to cotton and mung bean growers, combining fast knockdown with excellent residual control.


  • Fast knockdown and lasting control of silverleaf whitefly nymphs and adults
  • Fast knockdown and lasting control of mirid and green vegetable bug nymphs and adults
  • No resurgence of heliothis, silverleaf whitefly and aphids when used on mirids
  • Moderate impact on beneficials when applied at the silverleaf whitefly and green vegetable bug rates
  • Unique properties not shared with other neonicotinoids
  • Low mammalian toxicity & short re-entry period
  • Safety to cotton and mung bean crops

®Registered trademark of Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc.


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