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WUXAL® LIQUID Foliar Nutrient

Product Information
Registered uses Various crops (see label)
Pack size 20 L, 200 L
Formulation Liquid Fertiliser

WUXAL® LIQUID is suitable for use wherever improved plant growth and quality is desired.

Formulated for optimum uptake in fruit, vegetable field crops and in nurseries, Wuxal Liquid is a high-quality balanced NPK plus micronutrients liquid foliar fertiliser with a proven track record.


  • Well-balanced supply of macro- and micronutrients that are readily available to plants
  • High rate of nutrient uptake due to additives in the formulation
  • Regulates pH of the spray solution and the superchelation reduces the water hardness
  • Suitable for use on all crops and in all climates
  • Improves growth, flowering, yield and quality, in particular under stress conditions of drought, heat or waterlogging
  • Has excellent crop safety and can be applied with all usual high and low volume spraying equipment
  • Is compatible with most commonly used fungicides and insecticides (except lime sulphur and Bordeaux mixtures)
  • Leaves no unsightly residues and is suitable for the improvement of the leaf colour and shine of ornamental plants shortly before they are sold
  • Available in 20 L and 200 L drums


®Registered Trademark of Aglukon

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