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KENJA® 400 SC Fungicide

Product Information
Registered uses Cane berries, bush berries and low growing berries
Pack size 5 L
Formulation SC
Active ingredient 400 g/L ISOFETAMID

KENJA® 400 SC is a novel Group 7 fungicide for the control of Botrytis cinerea infecting Australian berry crops. Kenja works by inhibiting succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) production in the cell mitochondria.

Inhibition of SDH deprives the fungus of energy by blocking the normal process of respiration. This mode of action is particularly effective when fungal spores are germinating and energy demand is high. The isofetamid molecule has a flexible binding site to maximise inhibition of SDH in fungal cells.

Kenja should always be used as a protectant treatment and application to existing disease is to be avoided.


  • Registered for use on most minor berry crops including strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and currants
  • A suspension concentrate that does not contain mineral oil, enhancing compatibility and safety
  • Safe to a range of beneficial species, therefore suitable for IPM
  • Nil withholding period

® Registered Trademark of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.


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KENJA<sup>®</sup> 400 SC Fungicide

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