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THIMET® 200G Systemic Granular Insecticide

Product Information
Registered uses Agricultural and horticultural situations
Pack size 20 kg, 22 kg
Formulation GR
Active ingredient 200 g/kg PHORATE

THIMET® 200G, market leading soil insecticide, effectively controls certain soil borne and sucking pests in cotton and certain vegetable crops. With proven systemic activity, Thimet 200G protects emerging crops for longer than seed treatments and stops pests before they attack roots and reduce yield.

Thimet 200G is registered for application to cotton and a range of vegetable crops, including tomatoes, potatoes and sweet potatoes.


  • Available in both Lock’N Load® and SmartBox® delivery systems
  • High quality, low dust granular formulation, delivered in fully enclosed system
  • Controls key soil borne pests for improved plant stands and more robust seedlings
  • Controls early season sucking pests with low disruption to beneficials and longer control than seed treatments

® Registered Trademark of an AMVAC company 

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