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IMPERATOR® Insecticide Smoke Generator 31 G

Product Information
Registered uses Commercial, industrial, domestic, public service areas, animal housing
Pack size 31 g
Active ingredient 135 g/kg PERMETHRIN, 127 g/kg POTASSIUM CHLORATE

IMPERATOR® is a smoke generator for highly effective, broad spectrum DIY pest control.

For specific use and rates, please refer to the label.


  • Quick and easy DIY pest control
  • Ready to use (no special equipment required)
  • Cost effective
  • Fast and effective knockdown on a wide range of problem pests
  • Contact and vapour action on pests to control both flying and crawling insects
  • Smoke penetrates inaccessible places where pests hide
  • Ideal for use in sensitive areas e.g. food preparation areas, libraries and computer rooms


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