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FRUITION® NOVA® Fruit Fly Trap

Product Information
Registered uses A range of crops where fruit fly are a problem
Pack size 2 trap pack, 30 trap pack
Formulation Lure and trap
Active ingredient N/A

FRUITION® NOVA® Fruit Fly Trap is a revolutionary Lure and Trap for egg-laying female fruit fly.

Fruition Nova Traps are a unique new system for monitoring and managing fruit fly populations.

Fruition Nova Traps have proven highly effective in attracting a range of fruit fly species through a unique combination of colour, shape and smell, and then trapping them on a sticky surface.

Fruition Nova Traps are unique in that they attract and trap all of the important pest fruit flies in Eastern Australia: Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni), Lesser Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera neohumeralis), Jarvis’ fruit fly (Bactrocera jarvisi), cucumber fly (Bactrocera cucumis), and the Island fly (Dirioxa pornia).


  • Only product to attract and trap egg-laying female fruit fly
  • Monitoring as part of an IPM program
  • Management as part of an IPM program

External link: Fruit Fly ID Australia

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